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NEWSLETTER May 14th, 2013


We had a number of guests at this week’s meeting, so let’s get to it.  Two of the three Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) sponsored high school juniors were in attendance – Armaan Shah (a Sophomore from New Hyde Park High School) and Anna Christ (a Sophomore from Floral Park Memorial High School).  Both Armaan and Anna gave a summary of their weekend at the RYLA conference and told the club that it had changed their lives for the better.  Armand was accompanied by his mother and Anna by her parents Gwen and Doug.  We look forward to hearing good things about Armand and Anna in the future.


Also in attendance were Jake Dertinger and Mikael Guarini, two Juniors from Floral Park Memorial who have been speaking with “New Generation Committee Chairperson Rich Burgess with regard to starting up an Interact Club at the High School.


The speakers for the night were Sister Mary and Sister Jean from Harvest House.  The Sisters spoke to us about Harvest House which provides housing for the elderly.  Harvest House provides a home for eight independent elders (65+) who want the fullness of living in a family atmosphere.

Harvest House provides quality of life, companionship, support, security, gracious living, meals and private rooms for an affordable price.

Currently, Harvest House maintains houses in Lake Grove, Syosset and Floral Park.  Sister Jean was asking Rotary’s help in providing funds for fixing a chairlift in one of their houses for a total cost of about $2,500.  President Shane Parouse then asked club members and visitors to donate their “Happy / Sad Dollars" towards helping to fix this chair lift.  By the end of the meeting, the Club had pledged $428.00 towards effecting repairs to the chairlift.  Many thanks to all Rotary members with a special thanks to Rich and Liz Burgess and the Bellerose Village Fire Department (Doug Christ).  Great Job!


Rich Burgess, New Generation Committee Chairperson handed out information on what New Generation and Rotary are all about.   Please check the website for more information.


Finally, some housekeeping, here are the upcoming meetings:

1.        May 28th – Regular Club meeting (Club Assembly)

2.        June 1st –   High School Senior Awards

3.        June 7th -   Wine Tasting at the Village Wine Cellar

4.        June 28th – 2013 – 2014 Officer Inductions


There will be more information to follow for all upcoming meetings and events.



               President:  Shane Parouse  

              Secretary:  James Groom  

              Treasurer:  Mark Resig                                

“Engage Rotary Change Lives”