Rotary Club of Floral Park-Bellerose

Newsletter: April 24th, 2012 Meeting


  • Dominick A. Longobardi, Floral Park Village Trustee, has expressed interest in joining our club.  His occupation is Assistant to the Commissioner of Sanitation, Town of Hempstead.  This announcement will serve as notice to all members.  If any member has an objection to his application, please notify Jim Groom, Secretary by May 1st, 2012.  Thank you.


  • Last night we are very fortunate to have as our guest speaker Dr. Lynn Pompbonyo, Superintendent of Schools for the Floral Park Bellerose Elementary School District.  Dr. Pompbonyo gave us a terrific update on the school district which we see is in very good hands.





  • Last night we also had guests, Gabriella Smolarz and Ronald Keats, President of Keats Agency, Fl. Pk.  He is a potential member so all encouragement from you is good! 

  • Our club has won several awards.  We were recognized this past weekend at the District Conference in Westbrook, CT, by a.) RI as a club on the move and b.) The District has recognized us a 2nd place in the 2011-2012 new membership category.


  • The District will be presenting the club with a $200 check recognizing our 2nd place finish in membership development within the District.  The check must be given to a local charity.  Our board of directors has decided to donate the check to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, Hicksville, NY. 


  • Haiti clean water medical solar project.  Our $500 donation has been made and more information will be forthcoming on the impact it is having.   


  • RYLA – we sponsored four students from our area who attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Award weekend on March 30th.  We are making an effort to invite them with their parents to one of our meetings to get first hand impressions.  So far I heard it was very positive.


  • Rotary Senior Award 2012 for Floral Park Memorial HS.  Essays are expected for our judging within a week.  We will pick the winner and make the presentation with a $250 check at the Senior Awards Ceremony May 31st  at the High School.


  • Shane Parouse and Mark Reisig are working on a project to introduce happy hours and breakfast meetings for the club.  The first happy hour will be Wednesday, May 30th.   Time and place will be announced shortly.


  • Next meeting is on May 8th with Don Coburn, Past President of the LI Porch Club giving us some facts about racing porches, and his club.  Keep an eye out for his porch in front of Bob’s Place.    Hope to see you all then!   


 Rich Burgess