Newsletter Nov.26, 2013

At the last meeting there were usual number of members present. While membership is increasing members at the meetings are decreasing. We discussed various incentives to boost attendance and have now come to a decision as yet. If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know. We are attempting to increase the guest speakers and are trying to attract speakers that would be of interest to all of us.

At the next meeting Shane Prouse will be speaking about the book "Where Winners Live" which will be enjoyable. Also please look at our web site. Under DOWNLOADS there is a fantastic article I posted that was in the Gateway of Shane Prouse running in the NYC Marathon and the funds he raised.

We have also contributes funds to the Philippine Relief Fund.

The next meeting will be on Dec. 10, at Trinity  Restaurant at 5:30. Please be on time. The meetings are starting and ending later and later. One of the things discussed is a $5 fine for lateness. While this has not been put in place it can be avoided if members are on time.

I will publish the guest speaker in advance of the meetings so you can plan accordingly. 

My e mail address is tomreilly2@ or phone 516-817-9259. See you next Tuesday 

One final note. I see how many have logged on to our web site, which has only been a few. If you need your user name/password please don't be shy asking me for it. There is important information and news there for you.

Tom Reilly


Floral Park-Bellerose Rotary