At our last meeting Keith Cappuccio was inducted. He is sponsored by Shane Prouse.  

Belmont event went well. We made some money to be used for our Charities. Dom Longobardi did a fantastic job of organizing the event. Joanne, Community Relations Director from NYRA, provided a warm and friendly atmosphere and went out of her way to make this a special day for us.


I would like to also thank John Day for the outstanding photos he took along with Shane Prouse.

I receive a number of e mails from clubs in the district informing us of their events and inviting us to attend. I have invited all the clubs in the district to attend Belmont. Other than our members on one else attended.

I will try to get the photos up on the web site as soon as I can figure out how to publish them.

Next meeting is Nov. 12, at Trinity.

I have asked the restaurant if they can do a Turkey diner for the following meeting Nov. 26. They need a head count for this since the Chef has to buy the turkey etc. This would include anyone you wish to invite to diner. It was pointed out to me this may be too close to Thanksgiving and maybe better in January as a Club Family diner.

Please let me know at the next meeting or by e mail at

Tom Reilly


Floral Park-Bellerose Rotary